Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why not US?

Yes that stadium is cover in solar panels, now that is commitment!

I will admit I am frustrated with our countries commitment to alternative energy.  Taiwan can cover an entire stadium and Japan's government has made a commitment that all new homes and buildings are required to have solar panels!  It may not solve Japan's energy needs but it is a start.  They will need to add retrofit plans to existing homes and buildings.

Why isn't our government making these plans?  Oh yeah that's right that can't agree on anything except they can agree to yell, scream and call each other names.  No wonder we are falling behind other countries in the energy race, and education.  Geez what was I thinking!

Only we the consumers can demand change, our current resources i.e. natural gas and oil is not renewable they will run out and they are causing climate change.  Hotter Summers, drought, more storms, more twisters, tornadoes and hurricanes are caused by climate change from global warming gases such as increased carbon released from gas and oil.  Even methane from landfills and our increase need for livestock.

Only we can make the change....

I am incredibly competitive and it gets my blood boiling to see other countries putting education and the environment ahead political differences!  Arrrrrgggg!!!

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