Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teens sue Government!

Credit: NASA

I recently stumbled upon an article regarding teens who decided to sue the government based on the Public Trust Doctrine.  A Nasa scientist is helping these teens sue the United States government for failing to take action against global warming.  The lawsuit was filed May 4th 2011 and five of the plaintiffs are teens!

I was happy to see our youth take such action and to be supported by a NASA Scientist.  Drastic times require drastic measures, if voting politicians in or out of office doesn't work then a lawsuit just maybe what is needed.  We must return our climate back to equilibrium; that is less that 350 parts per million carbon dioxide to prevent catastrophic heating.

Governments must adopt policies to reduce carbon dioxide by 6% per year by 2050 and then 5% per year by 2100.  If they fail to do this it is today's children and future generations who will endure the consequences.  I did not choose to give birth to my son to leave him with a failing environment because our government and society can not agree on how to reduce our impact.  Geez!

I am glad our youth is taking action into their own hands since their predecessors have not!

Sign me up for support of the suit!

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