Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is your toothbrush clean?

I was originally going to just talk about these little beauties until I fell upon their wonderful site.  Let me first tell you why I think you should have these cuties.  They have little suction cups on the back so you can stick them on the bathroom mirror or wall then they are not laying on your counter inside some holder collecting muck at the bottom.  In case you did not know there is bacteria in your bathroom, more over if you are someone who flushes the toilet with the lid have sprayed dirty toilet water all over the bathroom with little droplets landing where they may.  I saw this demonstration on Dr Oz and Discovery gross.  I think they add a little cuteness to your bath room.  You can find them on their web site, I got mine at the grocery store the other day.

OK now I will tell you what else I found on their site that I was pleasantly surprised about.....ECO-FRIENDLY STUFF check it out!  Eco-towels, eco-scrubbers, eco-wipes, eco-sponges oh my goodness I was in greenie land for sure.  Slightly excited to happen upon a little gem.  So check them out and by yourself some toothbrush covers too!

Don't forget when you buy from their ecoline instead of their traditional products all proceeds are donated to Save the Earth Foundation....totally awesome!


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