Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What to buy? Top 11 as reviewed by health.com.

The next 11 days I am going to bring you some items you might want to try as a starter package.  They should help you make some informed decisions on starting to buy organic items.  Some of these items I have mentioned before at length but they are worth repeating.

1) Beef (not a fan of meat but for you anything)
2) fruit especially berries, peaches, apples
3) cookware
4) popcorn
5) pesticides
6) all-purpose home cleaners
7) water bottles and food storage containers
8) milk (again not a fan of dairy but for you I will help)
9) celery
10) tomato sauce
11) mattresses

When buying any food item make sure you take a quick look at the PLU, for those who never worked retail it means; Product Code Look Up.  On the PLU there are numbers this number also tells you the consumer if it is organic or GM-free (genetically modified). 

If the four digit code starts with an 8 it is genetically modified.
If it starts with a 9 it is organic.

GM (genetically modified):   definition
with altered genetic makeup: describes an organism that has received genetic material from another, resulting in a permanent change in one or more of its characteristics

Typically, GM food has been modified to have the pesticide genetic code spliced right into the genetic code of the food item.  So now you are ingesting harmful genetic codes of pesticides right into your system. 

Hmmm, wonder why cancer, and ADD/ADHD has been on the rise the last 20 years?  You will never know because the FDA who regulates these items are in bed with the companies doing the genetic splicing.  Nothing like eating pesiticides with your bowl of peaches. 

These companies think they are doing us good by making food resistant to bugs and not spraying the pesticides on the plants instead.  Either way people it is bad.  They are harmful chemicals that are destroying our water, eco-systems and causing all kinds of diseases.

~ Deanne


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