Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beef it's what's for dinner? Well maybe...

I know I know I am a vegetarian talking about meat, only because I care about all my meat loving friends.  Plus this past year after 15 years I had consumed some meat.  So odd!  Anyways!

Beef if you must consume it you must buy organic no ifs, or butts about it!  Yes your argument that states there are strong regulations on the hormones given to cattle but these are the same companies that told you DDT was safe! Ha! and Ha again!  Besides no one in the US trusts the government, right???

The hormones given to cattle have been linked to breast cancer just to name one not to mention the high amounts of antibiotics in the beef.  Wonder why we maybe a nation who are resistant to antibiotics?  Why doctors are trying to prescribe less and less antibiotics?  Well if you are not eating organic beef you are getting a massive dose of hormones and antibiotics.  Mmmm, serve me up a plate!

Buy organic avoid hormones and antibiotics, trust me you can taste the difference from organic and non-organic beef and poultry!

~ Deanne

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