Monday, May 2, 2011

Mother's Day May 8th!

Can't go wrong with a great bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day but this site Organic Bouquet also has a ton of eco-fab ideas to buy your "green" mom or even your not so "green" mom.  Maybe an eco-fab purse will get her to start on her path to eco-fab fashion!

Check out some of these great ideas:

Recycled wine bottle glasses plus buy a great organic bottle of wine to go with them! Oooo la la! 

West Elm recycled glass lanterns, put soy candles inside.

Now that you have set the mood with candles, and wine! Run Mom a nice hot bath with some sea salts and yummy handmade organic shea butter after.

Pacific bath crystals 

 organic shea butter 

Organic Shea Butter  all at Strawberry Hedgehog
She has a great discount for Mother's Day on her website!

If you are good in the kitchen, help the kids make Mom a great breakfast with organic fruit, silk soy vanilla yogurt with a mimosa!  Mmmm! 

We, moms really just like it simple, from the heart with a lot of thought.  Even just taking over our "chores" makes us incredibly happy, pick up your socks without us asking, clean your dishes without argument, each your vegetables and take out the garbage.  Yes a great diamond or string of pearls are nice too but nothing like being taken care of for the day from the ones we love.

Happy Mothers Day! 
Hope all the single mothers like me remember to take care of ourselves today too! We forget that sometimes!

Much love!

Me and my son when he was one!

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