Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eco-Fab Fashion

ECO-FAB FASHION! Not sure if anyone has coined the term but there it is folks!

It can be a maze of things to remember but this list of  descriptions can help.  Aside from that, let us take a look at some companies who are doing their best to be Eco-Fab!

EcoChic Blog
Eco Skin

Check out the list from Rachel Zoe, I know shocking she isn't known for eco fashion but her clients are demanding them!  See we consumers do have the power to change the marketplace. 
This is just a few of my fav's to check out!  When I got to traditional sites like Amazon or into Target, I just search for eco-friendly items like: "green", natural, organic, or eco-friendly.  The clothes by far are getting more and more fashionable as our traditional designers realize the masses are looking for eco-friendly and eco-fab fashion!

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