Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Fibers

I have recently found this company online and just love them!  Previously I have spoken about the importance about buying eco-friendly items for our health and the health of the environment.  Not only is it important to buy eco-friendly products but to support our small businesses too!

Straight from their page:

Why use bamboo?

Bamboo features cashmere like softness with greater absorbency than cotton. It is grown without pesticides, grows quickly making it one of the most sustainable fiber crops. Bath towels made from bamboo viscose can be mold and mildew resistant which makes them a great choice for people with allergies or for chemically sensitive individuals.

Why is organic cotton the best cotton?

Conventionally grown cotton is responsible for the largest use of insecticides. 3% of the worlds agricultural areas are used to grow cotton. 25% of insecticides used are applied on these crops. Cotton grown without the chemicals or pesticides allow the cotton to be at its natural best and free from the residual chemicals. 100% certified organic cotton bath towels and hand towels are naturally soft and continue to get softer with additional washings. Towels made with low impact and natural dyes further decrease the environmental impact. Organic cotton towels are a great choice for individuals wishing to treat themselves to chemical free products and surroundings. Our luxury towels and robes made by Nandina Future Fibers are a beautiful combination of bamboo and organic cotton. Luxury and functionality can co-exist and our products are offered to provide this joy to you. We invite you to check out our selections!

About Good Fibers

About Good Fibers | General InfoGood Fibers has the goal of offering products that provide quality and luxury while being earth friendly. We want you to look forward to using our products to make your day more enjoyable. Our products incorporate fibers and materials that are good for you, look great, feel great and are manufactured using sustainable and earth friendly practices. We strive to carry natural fiber products such as bamboo, natural and organic cotton towels along with a variety of natural bath accessories. We have a selection of natural kitchen towels and accessories.

We are working to provide a selection of products that fit your preferences. Whether you prefer a
lightweight towel, a thick plush towel or towels with great texture, we work to find the best, eco-friendly products, created in the best manner possible with the least environmental impact. Luxury can be environmentally friendly. You can find that connection here.

We are a small family run business. Our number one goal is to provide you with excellent customer
service and the best quality products available. We strive to carry products that are enjoyable to use every day. We look forward to working with you and would love to hear from you, to hear your product requests, thoughts and your ideas. Please feel free to contact us.

Good Fibers! Looks Good, Feels Good, Good for the Earth!

Thank you!

The Bertsch's

"Create the change you seek in the world. Be an ecopreneur. Launch your dream green business." -John D. Ivanko

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