Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 9 Start Composting!

I know you are thinking "gross composting stinks".  There are so many options these days to find indoor and outdoor composts that don't smell.  Not only is composting the best for your yard because you are using fresh organic dirt for your garden beds and yard.  But composting reduces the amount of waste being driven to landfills.  It is the easiest thing to do. 

 Just make sure that you follow some really easy steps, no meat or grease in the composter (some say it is okay but I have attracted all kinds of icky), equal amounts of dry ingredients (paper, cardboard), and of course yard clippings.  You can put even weed clippings if and only if they have not flowered, and do not put diseased plants in it because you will only pass it on!

With all the recycling and composting I do, I only have 1 trash bag a month into my garbage can.  I wish my waste management company gave me a discount for not having so much waste for them to manage.  But nooooooo!  I am trying to figure out the best way of canceling the trash, but keep the recycling.  It is a matter of what I do with that one bag!

Happy Composting!

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