Thursday, March 24, 2011

What to do with all those jeans?

Face it if you are a mom you have tons of jeans from you kids with holes in the knees.  If you are like me you would not dare to give them to charity, yikes!

I took several jeans from my son that are not worthy for charity. 
I cut straight across the top of the leg just like the above picture. This left you the top of the jeans and two legs.
Take one leg cut up one side near the seam then repeat on the second.  This gives you two panels.  Repeat as many times needed to cover your project.

This is a bunkie board.  Left from a bunk bed.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it until the light hit me "my son needs a headboard."

This is the same bunkie board but the back side.  The top is a long pillow case with 3 separate pillows inside.  I attached the case to the bunkie board leaving one end open to remove the pillows in the future if needed.

 I took all the panels I cut from the jean legs and sewn them together like quilt panels.  I loved the rustic look of worn areas.  I did sew patches behind those worn areas and holes for stability.  The picture is pretty dark so below....

This picture is the final out come.  I took all the sewn panels, attached them to the bunkie board with an electric upholstery stapler.  Now I just need to attach it to my son's bed.

Here are some more wonderful ideas I came across!


1 comment:

itsok2bgreen said...

Going to add a red patch to look like a back pocket I think! Now if I can figure out how to safely install it to my son's bed frame.....

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