Friday, March 25, 2011

Coupons are great but why waste a whole newspaper just......


I never really was into coupons because I have found it difficult to actually find items that correspond with what I buy for myself and my son.  However, I have found that one I hate wasting newspaper just to get a few coupons and two go straight to the source.  I recently started going to the companies web sites of the food I buy and look for coupons that can be printable or I can down load to my phone to be scanned at the Grocers.  Some of these grocery coupon game web sites are for me a waste of time.  They have you use all the coupons in the mailer or newspaper yet most if not all of the coupons are not what you need or they are high processed or fattening foods.  Nothing we really should be eating.  That is why I resorted to going directly to the web sites of the foods I eat.

Some coupon sites make you join a subscription which then leads to a bunch of emails from other companies you don't want emails from.  Trust me I know I signed up for one site and ended up by the end of the day with 300 emails!  Plus I only found one or two organic companies!  Not worth the time.  I am in the need to save money so I am looking at coupons more and!

I find I order more things from Amazon lately due to the fact I am finding better pricing than in the store and I don't have to drive...ha! 

Organic Yummies!


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