Monday, March 28, 2011

We all love them...

I know we all love the nonstick pans, however they are coated with plastics which may contain toxins.  Geez what next!  When these coatings heat up and especially when the begin to chip into our food the plastic leeches into our food.  Then we of course eat it!

This plastic PFOA, has been linked to cancer.  It is hard to get rid of and very persistent in the environment.  Try pots and pans without this lining or buy organic versions, like ceramic lined.

Some other things to avoid.  Cooking with or wrapping your food in foil, aluminum foil to be exact.  It is a great product just be sure to line it with Parchment paper this prevents the leeching of the aluminum into your system.  Aluminum causes plaque on the brain which leads to Alzheimer's.  I line everything that is aluminum with parchment paper when I cook or store food.  Alzheimer's and Parkinson's runs in my family so I don't need to hurry the process any!  Don't forget all those pop and beer cans you drink out of they are sending that aluminum straight into your system!

You can find organic parchment paper right next to the foil, same isle!


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