Friday, March 18, 2011

Climate Change


For those of you who already had tons of snow to shovel, get ready for more!  Whether you like it or not climate change/global warming is tied to more extreme weather.  As the temperature of the Earth gets warmer and warmer we increase the amount of moisture into the environment leaving it ready for more extreme weather.  That means colder longer winters with more snow, more hurricanes and hotter summers.  You can try to deny it or call it the cycle of the environment but we are impacting the environment more and more every year.  There will be a point of no return, where we can not reverse the damage we have caused. 

I secretly have a desire for gas prices to soar to a point only the rich can afford it.  This may or may not drive us to look at how we use oil and the damaging affects on the environment.  We must force our government to get off fossil fuel period, it will run out, it does warm the earth, destroying our future to produce food.

No environment No food No food No people!  The economy doesn't mean much when all of that disappears!

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