Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are you being held hostage by your car?


Admit it, your addiction to oil and the use of oil in multiple products from plastics to the gasoline in your car keeps men like him in power.  Think about it the next time we fill up!  I am desperate to buy a car that doesn't run on oil or I will have to figure out how to convert vegetable oil into gasoline for my current car.  I live in a town that has no public transit, it is frustrating!  We have had alternative cars since 1802 but as soon as oil came into the market they have monopolized how we travel and heat our homes.  They drove out the alternative cars, we had steam engines, we had electrical engines!  This is not new technology!  The united states had this technology since the 1800's but now it will be other countries who will again take over that technology leaving us behind.  Wonder why our economy can't recover?  Well we aren't the leaders in technology anymore. 

I can't wait for this electric VW (again not an US product go figure).

vw van

We can not point the figure at anyone without 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves.  Our environment and our US economy are our fault not the cause of someone else.  We are to blame when we buy items that are not eco-friendly, not made in the US.  We need to take responsibility for our debt to oil rich nations who hold us hostage! 

Think about it!

Stop gas powered lawn mowers switch to electric or solar or push power

wind power anyone

Convert your car:

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