Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What the heck is that.....in my what.....

  Some common chemicals to stay away from!  Without getting on my soap box, I wanted to bring somethings that are common in everyday products but can be easily removed from everyday use.  They are so common that we are getting overdosed by them causing us all kinds of issues in our health and in our environment.  So because I care about my health and yours, I have a list of chemicals that you can just write down their name, with your grocery list to avoid them.  Soon you will be so use to looking out for them it will be second nature.  Here we go, are you ready?

Parabens: found in shampoo, moisturizers, cleanser gels, personal lubricants, shaving cream and even toothpaste.  These are bad because they mimic hormones, specifically estrogen.  Why is this bad?  Too much estrogen causes breast cancer and linked to many other cancer.  In small doses it can be harmless but unfortunately it is in so much stuff as I already listed plus now they use it in food for a preservative.  Let us not mention they are finding it can cause male infertility. Yikes!

Sulfates or seen in your products as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS (manufactures try to hide and confuse): found in shampoo, laundry soap, dish soap used to break up dirt oil, and grease.  Sulfates (also known as Sulfa an antibiotic) can cause terrible allergic reactions from skin irritations to full blown allergic reaction needing medical care.  It has been linked to hair loss too.  This chemical is known to behave as a carcinogenic impeding the immune system, plus the liver, lungs and heart.

Phosphates or PO4: found in soaps, laundry detergent and dish soaps.  These are bad because it acts like a fertilizer for algae blooms not the good kind either.  And why is this bad you say?  Well these blooms contaminate water with toxins which damage the environment and the health of humans.  These algae blooms increase air pollution and are extremely expensive to remove from lakes, waters and streams.  Many states are banning them from products but it isn't nation wide yet.

Chlorine: found in  most cleaning products.  Now, now put down the tissue, I know many of you are saying "D say it isn't so".  Unfortunately, I have to say it, bad news boys and girls no more chlorine bleach wipes.  Besides being a lung and eye irritant it can cause cancer and destroys the natural salt balance in water.  There is for sure a lot more I can list here but I wanted to start off slow, it can be overwhelming.  Many wonderful inexpensive products can be found that are free of these chemicals. 

Just remember when we use these items our skin absorbs the chemical because skin is a big sponge and the rest goes in our drains then filtered back to us in drinking water while the rest runs out into our lakes, streams and oceans only to make it back on our plate in food.  All natural and/or organic products such as those listed below really have come down in price and give conventional products a run for their money.

Companies worth switching too Seventh Generation, ECOS and Method or look for phosphate, sulfate, chlorine and paraben free products.  I sometimes use my smart phone to look up ingredients I can not pronounce or know what they are until I get to know these items.  It may take extra time but your health is so worth it.

D :)

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