Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bed Bugs....not the greatest topic to discuss!

Total nasty subject!  I decided to talk about it because I got so tired of hearing the news about bed bugs and what to do, how come we can't kill duh!  Bed bugs have become resistant to pesticides and herbicides that have been used in the past.  Bed bugs are designed to find something to suck blood from our heat and CO2 released when we breath.  They can not survive in a mattress or even start living in a mattress or pillow cases when they are enclosed in a zippered bedding/pillow encasement.  The lack of oxygen and no way out prevents the little disgusting buggers from coming out.  So instead of spraying useless chemicals on your cozy bed find yourself zippered encasement for your bed and pillows.  And no these are not like the mattress covers your mom put on your bed to prevent "accidents" from wetting your mattress.

One last thing if you travel bring garbage bags preferably the black yard waste bags.  When you are packing to go home put clothes into the bags, squeeze out air then tie off the end.  This will kill any bed bugs that may have found a home in your clothes from the hotel room.  When you get home leave the suitcase in garage inside a black garbage bag closed shut for 48 hours for the bed bugs to die.

Happy Bed Bug hunting!  D

P.S. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade powder on your beds, carpet, furniture and even pets will kill bugs like bed bugs.  Totally organic and safe!
Earth Works Health
Garden Harvest Supply

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