Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring cleaning just around the corner....we hope!

I only wish I looked that happy cleaning!

Well for some of us it maybe still cold and wintry looking outside but yes it is time to start thinking of spring cleaning.  What a way to de-clutter and yes of course go green too!  I usually start in the bedrooms and work my way out into the other rooms of the house ending in the garage.  By ending in the garage I am sure to take all the other stuff I don't need from the other areas of the house along with me to get it ready for donation or recycling or garage sale.  My philosophy if I have not touched, used, or thought of the item in question it goes into the donate or recycle or sell pile (excluding seasonal items).

  1. take tennis shoe go to Nike they will recycle and reuse
  2. other shoes look at charities to donate
  3. clothes donate
  4. electronics donate to a school or preschool or find a recycling plant
  5. hazardous waste like paint, spray cans (hairspray, paint spray, cleaners) batteries check Earth911

When you have finally cleared out every room, taken every item to its proper disposal now go back to each room and organize, paint, move things around.  You may have to buy shelving, organizing bins, toy racks, bike racks for the garage, tool racks for the garage...etc.  It is a great time to evaluate the necessities vs the want of "things". 


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