Friday, February 25, 2011

BPA.....hummmnnyy whoottyy whaattyy!

Okay lets get the technical explanation out of the way.
Bisphenol-A or BPA is a chemical used in plastic to make it harder and used as a liner in cans like canned foods, and soda pop cans. 

Why is it bad?  It has been used for 40 years now in everything from baby bottles, to plastic storage containers.  This chemical has been around long enough to have adequate research on its affect on human health.  It is being linked to the rise in cancers, ADD/ADHD and hormonal changes.

Most countries have banned the use of this chemical but not in the US because it's inexpensive cost.  Unfortunately we are the only country that uses a product or chemical before extensive research is done on the affect on human health and/or the environment.  (stepping off soap box now)

What can we do?  Look for products that are labeled BPA free.  More and more companies are realizing it isn't worth a potential class action lawsuit down the road.

Take care of you, so you can take good care of others!

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