Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Throne Room!

So we talked about the importance of having your Love Nest organic, now it is time to talk about making sure your Throne Room keeps you healthy too!  Bathrooms can be quite toxic due to their small space, lots of mixing of chemicals from all the personal care and the toxic chemicals released from the shower curtains.

First before we get into the fun stuff the bath needs to be clean too.  Check out organic bathroom cleaning products on Amazon and/or Method we named a few in our post I love Method.

There are a variety of companies that provide organic shower curtains and shower  liners.  When you shower the heat releases toxins from the plastic material within the curtains and  liner.  They can cause a multitude of health problems from cancer to asthma.

 Of course organic hair shampoo, conditioner and body washes are a must!  Try Amazon search or these:  Giovanni found in most retailers, Sephora, Burts Bees, Kiss Me Face found in most retailers too, and Wen to name a few.

 Oh baby nothing like stepping out from a nice hot shower to a naturally bacterial resistant mat!  Plus the look of bamboo, yum!

 Then wrap yourself in a luxurious organic towel then take care of your skin with one of the amazing organic lotion products.   There are expensive brands and reasonably price brands, here are some to name a few:  Sephora, Kiss My Face, YvesRocher, and Jurlique.

We are testing some products to see the best organic make-up products out there.  I personally use Burts Bees for my face skin care Naturally Ageless line and some of their Natural Acne Solution because my 39 year old face decided at this age I should now deal with occasional acne instead of during my teens.  Yeah me, I get deal with aging and acne, super!

I always suggest replacing non-organic items with organic counterparts when you run out of your current supply.

Don't forget January is the cheapest month to buy linens and towels.
Personally I would replace the shower curtain and liner right away then focus on the supplies in your bathroom one at a time or again as supplies run out.


Find some great soy candles, then just relax naturally and feel great after! 

D :)

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