Monday, December 27, 2010

What do I do with this dead tree after Christmas?


If you haven’t submitted to the masses, and purchased a prelit artificial….here are 10 ideas on how to clean up after the holiday chaos!

If you don’t mind doing this yourself:  pull the needles from the tree and put them in little sachets.  It is nice to have for your drawers in the house. You can tie them in a little handkerchief, or make little sachets.

Depending on burn laws in your city/county/state, it can make one heckuva bonfire and smells fabulous!

If you have access to a chipper, the rumor is the mulch it makes is divine.  Some hardware stores provide this service for you at a minimal cost.

If you have a brush pile, add your tree to it! It’s a great place to shelter birds, especially as they wait their turn at feeders.  Not to mention, you might enjoy the chirping melodies or bird watching activities.

If you live near the beach, and it is legal of course, some people throw them there, to serve as erosion control and help shorebirds nest.

To those of you that are handy with tools, you could make everything from a spice rack or stool to a bird feeder.

Find a recycling center to take your tree to, there are a lot more locations than you think!  Try for a location near you!

If you are lucky enough to have a wood burning stove or firepit, cut it up for kindling.

Cut off the branches and put them at the base of your plants and trees.  It acts as a protection barrier during winter.

Also, last but not least:  instead of killing a tree to begin with… can always purchase a smaller potted tree from a local nursery.  I have to say we did this as a child, and it was fun to watch the tree grow with us.  :)


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