Monday, December 27, 2010

The Greenest Christmas EVERRRRR! Part 1: operation preparation.

Let’s talk about presents presents presents!  Get real we all love ‘em!  How can we green it up a little?
The Gift……
Homemade: chore coupons, crafts, a frozen home cooked meal delivered to a friend, basket of home grown goodies, just let your creative juices flow.
Store bought:  totally convenient yes!  If you must buy, try to buy least amount of packaging possible, research stores online to maximize one stop shopping (especially if you don’t have an electric car or hybrid), check for fair trade, where it is made, etc. and always online shopping from one website will decrease shipping cost, here are a few of our favorites:
Let’s get to wrappin’!
Paper Paper Paper what can we say…
Our first recommendation is always the good ol’ newspaper.  Don’t play, you can pretty that up with a ribbon, or a bow, or for all you Bedazzelers, diamond it on up!  No added expense, it’s lying in your driveway right now…..
Brown bag it baby!  If you haven’t converted to tote bags or you forget them at home sometimes…oops!  Get out the brown paper bags; leave them plain, paint them, have the kids color on them, you can make it specific to the recipient.
Orrrr store bought paper/bags.  Look for labels that state “made from recycled product”
Sometimes we like to leave the gift NAKED! :)
The Meal…
Strictly organic would be ideal, however with the current economy we realize it is not always realistic.
If you eat meat, then check the label on how it was grown, fed, and any hormones or antibiotics were used.  Look for locally grown or a mom and pop butcher shop.
The all important side dishes: hopefully use your own home grown, it is the most cost effective and you know where it came from.  Find a local farmers market.  Most provide organic and buying in bulk can have a price reduction, plus you are increasing local economy and sustainability.  There will be more posts to come regarding growing your own vegetables and fruit.
Most importantly, enjoy this special holiday season with your loved ones, for they are the greatest gift in the world!

D & P

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