Monday, December 27, 2010

One last post before the mayhem!

One last post before the mayhem!
Just a quick note to remind you in all the chaos during the ripping of Christmas paper.
Try to recycle it!
Don’t burn it unless it is all natural, organic and has to glossy film.  If it does it will release horrific toxins in the air!
Save what you can and reuse it for a craft project or next years gifts.  You know you want to decoupage!
You can use it as book covers: remember when we use to take paper grocery bags and cover our school books?  Well this is the same thing and you can decide to have the decorated side show or have it on the inside and have the white side facing out to write on.
Check with your local recycle company on how best to dispose!  It is okay to bag it until after the holidays then find out how to dispose, no one will judge you for not dumping straight away in the garbage, I swear!
Have great holiday and be ready for a new year of fun filled “green” posts!

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