Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh yes, its that time of year again! New years resolutions!!!!

Having a hard time deciding what to commit to?  Or an even harder time following through on your resolution?  Going green is easier than you think, and can also save you some green in the long run!
Operation:  New years resolutions to go green:
Save all wine bottle cork to make a fabulous bulletin board (once Patience has saved enough, she will include a DIY experience)
Old jeans made into reuseable bags (also a great future xmas gift for loved ones, why not start early, save yourself some stress!)  Deanne will do a future how to post complete with pictures!!!
Switch the LED light bulbs
Conserve energy.  Keep your heat below 68 and your ac no lower than 78.
Grow your own garden!
Buy a water filter system.  Whether it is attached to the fauccett or a pitcher inside your fridge, reuseable water bottles can be your bff!
I came across this fabulous website for childrens activities that allows you to type in a keyword, such as toilet paper rolls, and it gives you a bunch of ideas for craft projects with your kids.  Eat your heart out!
Brew only certified organic coffee!
Instead of disposable coffee cups, invest in a fabulous BPA free reusable mug.
A few ideas for your car: Slow it down, research shows not exceeding 60 mph can save nearly 50 cents to the price of each gallon of gas.  Check your tire pressure regularly, say monthly.  Replace air filters regularly, it can improve mileage up to 15%.
Decide to pick up garbage and recycling that is blowing around the streets…just ask Deanne, its one of her favorite past times!!!
Invest in a beach cruiser!!  Save on gas and natural resources, not to mention the fabulous exercise!
Plug all devices into a a UL-certified power strip and switch off the whole lot of electronics with one flick each night.
Turn the water off while brushing your teeth.  If you are like many and have the water running during the recommended 2 minutes of brushing, you could be wasting up to 5 gallons per day.
Switch to cloth diapers!
Switch to 100% recycled toilet paper (just changing 1 pack of 12 rolls saves 3.8 million trees), paper towels and tissue paper.  My personal favorite Seventh Generation brand!
Use cloth dinner towels instead of paper towels.
Stop using pesticides and/or herbicides (they all run off to our drinking water); switch to homemade or organic versions.
Patience’s personal favorite:  Vow to only drink certified Organic Wine!  Had to throw that one in!
Commit to one thing and follow all year then year after year adopt a new one, then pretty soon you will be the greenest house on the block.
Hopefully this will help you have a greener better new year!!!
D & P

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