Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall is much to do!

I must admit this has been a long summer, one I have not balanced well.  I had not anticipated the difficulty of balancing full time employment, full time school, and full time single mommy duties.  By the looks of it, my blog and my home has suffered massive neglect!!! Yikes!!
I am ready for much cooler weather, and some much needed projects to be accomplished.  I am up for a promotion at work that will allow for some funds to go to more things other than bills...YEAH!!!! 
I have a rather long list of TO-DO's growing and I am attempting to decide which receive top priority.  Let us just say the top ten things to do keep rotating on the list depending on my mood or wants.
One of the many things I want to complete is a rather long planter bench.  I have a covered porch that is about 20 feet long and I want a planter bench to run the length of the porch separating the yard with the porch.  I just cannot decide on what kind.

There it is my porch...ignore the surroundings.  I know, I know what a sad looking back yard.  I have done nothing to it.  I have had high hopes for it when I moved in...well life got in the way, things happened.  Things are looking better and soon my yard will too.

See where my porch ends then there is a no-mans land running end to end then the curb edge where my "grass" would be if I believed in planting grass in a desert.  I have not found a ground cover that withstands kids and dogs yet.  Anyway that 3' x 20' no-mans land is where I want the planter bench to live.

I want to use as little virgin material as possible by using eco-friendly, recycled products instead like products by design recycle inc timber or Turn Green Solutions NuChoob Timber.  Both companies use recycled material to produce timber like products.  However I love the look of brick and cement too.  That maybe a bit more challenging to find eco-friendly versions of brick or cement.  I have not looked into it yet.  Here are some different designs I am tossing around.

What are your thoughts?  Have you created your own planter benches?  Let me know because this girl needs to get her backyard in order!!

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