Monday, March 26, 2012

Scary Mommy

I saw this lovely, refreshing blog, Scary Mommy on the news yesterday and it struck a chord with me.  I LOVE IT!!!

I am often struck by the amount of blogs run by mothers that want to perpetuate the illusion that mothers must be perfect, the house, perfect and the children absolutely perfect.  It is wonderful to read a real blog about real parental issues.  Many times I have sat in my home crying thinking I must be the most horrible mother of all times because I see other mothers who "appear" to have it all under control.  The house is never a mess, the kids are never a mess and they write these incredible blogs with words dripping of perfection and never a horrible moment.

I love her blog and so glad to have seen it on the news.  Mothers are under so much attack from this June Cleaver and Martha Stewart bombardment coupled with other mothers attacking them for not following the crowd!  We get so many people telling or shaming us into guilt from our doctors, from our employers to other moms that we often put on a pretend falsehood of perfection so no one knows how messy our lives as parents really are behind that vail.  I am tired of trying to keep up with the mothers who never look like they are messy, who always have full make-up and hair done with the latest fad of clothes on.  I am done trying to keep up with women who have all the help in the world and pretend they don't.  My home is lived in, it isn't always clean, it isn't always perfect, sometimes the dishes are in the sink until the next morning and sometimes I yell at my kid. 

In short, thank you for this honest look at mothering instead of another pretty blog describing all the does and don'ts of the latest thing to buy that will make you a better mother.  It is time we as women stop pretending being a mother is the best thing ever like some snow white cartoon with birds and flowers rising and falling as you sing and whistle.  We need to come together to support each other in our decisions as mothers and as women instead of ripping each other apart and gossiping about so and so when she walks without the latest designer shoes.

Food for thought from a single mother who is struggling like many others.



White Lacquer said...

So what you're saying is, it's not cool to walk around with snot all over my black leggings courtesy of kage? ;)

Xx. Patience

Deanne Marie said...

I say more snot.... I have had many days of baby spit and snot on my clothes while some other mommies looked way too perfect at the park!

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