Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cooler weather means GARDENING!

I am so excited that the weather went from 112 degrees to 99 degrees in a matter of days.  That caused me to look outside and think oh no I better get this yard in shape and that means WORK

I have a to do list or want list that is a mile long, one of the items on my list happens to be planter box bench seats.  I have a rather long covered porch that I love in the back yard.  It needs some seating.  So bench hunting I went.

I am fairly handy but not ready to cut and create bench seating.  Of course I wanted to make sure to find seating that was eco-friendly and would be functional.

These little beauties make me so completely happy.  They are like little bits of art and color plus eco-friendly because they are made from 100% recycled plastics.....HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH!  You can find them at Pure Modern.  I love the idea of adding color to my back yard with the furniture.  Plus it is functional because it increases seating for when I have some BBQ's or backyard parties and it will give me more options for planting some flowers or more delicate plants I do not want the dogs trampling.

This beautiful eucalyptus planter bench is another option I am thinking of going.  If I want color I could opt to paint the bench.  One of the reasons I selected eucalyptus is it is eco-friendly due to its fast growing cycle; you could also choose cedar which is a great option too.  Of course bamboo would be fantastic and hardy as well.  You can find these benches online and in most garden stores.

Well I guess you will just have to wait a few more weeks for the out come of my decision.  Hint: I am seriously leaning towards the recycled infinity bench planter seats.

So excited to get started on my garden, my yard and I might even paint/stain my brick wall!!!!

Send me your ideas and pics of your garden projects!

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