Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Challenge to David Muir

I was sitting here getting ready to begin my fall courses in my Environmental Studies, when I thought how can I challenge David Muir's project on ABC World News Made in America series.

There is no doubt that buying products Made in America would stimulate our economy.  One program David did suggested if every American spent $64 per year on Made in America products it would get us out of this economic mess and put Americans back to work.  This made me think about how can we take this one step further, can we buy green and Made in America?  Then I thought hmmm what about building green with Made in America products?

Here is my challenge:

Construct a home from ground up that has building materials that are Made in the America and eco-friendly.  Plus designed and constructed by a company from the US with US Labor.  Everything from the foundation to the roofing tiles and solar panels with everything in between such as electrical, plumbing, fixtures, tile, carpet, etc Made in America and eco-friendly.  Then as a kicker, the landscaping needs to be environmentally friendly, the home and yard must be able to capture and re-use water as well.

The completed home does not need to be furnished because most new homes are not furnished however they sometimes have appliances.

If there is no, I mean no Made in America product available to use to construct a portion of the home then the alternative has to be listed.  For example, if the electrical components such as the wiring  is not Made in the America then it needs to show when the US stopped manufacturing the item and where it is now being manufactured.  Plus list all the products used that are Made in America.

Finally in the end this home could either be entered in a contest for a family to win or be auctioned off and the proceeds could go to Make it Right foundation.

I hope David and ABC World News will take my challenge!
I know it is a pipe dream but it is my dream dang it!


Love this picture!
I would be holding on with my arms and legs wrapped around the beam!

pic of workers
pic of USA

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