Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kids school stuff...

With my son already back in school I still have school products on the brain.  There are so many items being pushed out there at are kids that have little value or made from toxic products.  Here are some of my fav's that have been kid tested and believe me no one is harder on products than my kid.
Original Bucket with Fruit
Smen Box with Fruit
Smencils and Smens are an awesome product that kids love and us green loving parents are proud to buy.  Made from 100% recycled newspaper and plastic how can you go wrong.  Not to mention you kid will think you are cool for buying them.  Get you PTO/PTA to use them as fundraising items and feel good about buying these to raise money for your school instead of another landfill item that is not biodegradable like these products.  You can buy them on their site or Amazon if you cannot convince your kids school to sell them instead cookies and pretzels.

Here are some other items that I have bought and used in our home.  I am very considerate in my son's needs to feel like he fits in while also being an eco-friendly mom.  As much as I would love for him to stick out like a sore thumb so he is a shining eco-friendly example to others, I want him to feel proud to share the cool things he uses in school that just so happens to be eco-friendly!


Fundraising options that are more eco-friendly :
green schools this site is an amazing resource for parents to take action in their own schools!
mabels labels

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