Sunday, July 10, 2011

What the???

I still want this van dang it!

It was announced recently that miles per gallon (mpg) standards need to be raised to 56.2 by 2025.  Really? 2025? Really??? WE already have the technology to go above 60 mpg!

We have to change out current rise in global warming by 2015 yet lets wait until 2025 to ask for higher miles per gallon standards.  Yeah that makes since.  We have had the technology since the early 1700's, yes folks I said 1700's, to have cars run via steam or electricity long before we used oil for gasoline.  You can't tell me technology was better in the 1700's and we cannot improve on it for today's standards....really! Just sayin'

If we really need to reverse the current level of global warming before 2015 and get off the dependency of oil especially foreign oil then get off the your butts in legislation quit taking money from oil companies and do what is best for the people who voted you into office!

If you ever want to watch a documentary or find out more about the electric car check out the link below.

Who killed the electric car?

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