Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do you love your nuts.....and fruit like I do?

As a vegetarian fruit and nuts are essential to my diet, as it should be for anyone.  I love fruit, in fact I don't think I have met at fruit I didn't enjoy!  As for nuts well, what an amazing little food, great for snacks and a protein boost!  Unfortunately our zest for bigger cars, desire for the perfect no-weed grass.....and all the other things we do to the environment increasing our carbon footprint.

Why is this an issue?  Well it takes a winter chill to trigger crops for flowering and growing.  Without this chill no fruit and no nuts.  As global warming continue to rise without significant changes to decrease it in the next 5 to 10 years we will continue to see a decrease of at least 50% of the needed winter chill.

I know for most of us we think global warming is about the rising sea level, melting polar ice caps and the plight of the polar bear but it is more.  It is the loss of food supply caused by changes to our seasonal changes increasing storms, increasing drought and warmer summers.

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We have been given the Earth to take care of pass on to the next generations.  We are stewards of our brothers and sisters so are we stewards of the Earth.  We are borrowing/stealing from the future generations our decisions today impact tomorrow.

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