Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter is April 24th! Before you hit the holiday isle in your local store check this out!

I am not a fan of commercialism of a holiday, I believe we produce and buy too much stuff already.  However if I can find a way to do the same thing organically or naturally I will.  Instead of buying all those expensive dyes try some of the following ideas.

 Use up your left over food coloring or check out this amazing idea!  I have used this idea before and it works wonders not to mention, it gave me a great idea on how to use the same thing for clothing and furniture dyes/stains. 

Refrain from buying all those non-organic plastic eggs unless you plan to use them year after year.  I have some that I have saved for 10 years now I fill them with organic fair trade jelly beans, cash and bible verses.

Lastly, I can't let the holiday go without saying: know where your chocolate Easter bunnies, and candies are from because most of our chocolate companies use child labor to produce its candies.  Try to find organic or fair trade chocolate for Easter they pay the families who pick those cocoa beans a whole heck of a lot more than a few cents a day.  It may cost slightly more but you will save a kid from picking cocoa beans for less than $2.00 per day.   There is a real dark side to chocolate companies even CNN did a story on it!

Fair Trade Easter Candy

You may find some of these in a store but I find the best pricing online.

Just think before you buy!  Above all think about the reason we celebrate Easter, it isn't about eggs and candy anyway.

Love, Peace and Joy!

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