Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 29, What do you spend on energy?

So this is a snapshot of a comparison done on my utility companies website based on the amount of energy I use.  Pretty good right?  I say yes and no.  Yes because clearly I use far less energy than the average home of  the same size but I want to get that down even further by next year.

I plan on nipping each dollar off the at amount with some of the energy tips I have put on the page including a wind turbine.   I have talked about the residential wind turbines before, it is a nice addition especially if you see a lot of breezes and wind in your area. Plus they really compliment Solar panels.  They are really inexpensive to install compared to Solar!

For now I just do what I can, like insulating outlets, sealing cracks in walls and ventilation, the little things that add up!

What are you doing to save energy?  Go to your utility company's website and see if they have a comparison tool too!  You might be surprised on what you waste your energy.


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