Friday, April 22, 2011

Bionic Yarn

I already thought Pharrel/N.E.R.D. was awesome but I think I just fell in love!
Pharrel Williams has partnered with Return textiles and Bionic Yarn!  I saw Pharrel today on GMA discussing his new collaboration with these companies!  Yes! Maybe with more and more celebrities like Pharrel who can reach a powerful and growing demographic we may actually take care of this ever growing waste!

The product is amazing it takes all those plastic bottles turns them into yarn for everything from backpacks to shoes and fashionable fabric!  Leave it to good ol' fashion ingenuity to figure out what to do with all this waste!

While you are looking at this awesome product take a look at another up and coming company that is turning plastic into oil.  Remember plastic is made from petroleum.

Check them out on facebook! Buy from the companies they sell to!

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