Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tattoo Ink???? Whhaaaatttt?

So in my daily quest for information I came across this vegan tattoo site.  Wow, I never gave the ink in my tattoos much thought.  Ink in anything slips my mind, I forget that dyes can be made from animals like bugs or plant based.  Personally I think having Vegan ink in my tattoo would be cool.

I did a little more research on tattoo ink and really only found that ink can be harmful if a person mixes their own ink and don't know what they are doing.  Chemically speaking ink carries some contaminants which if not mixed properly can cause some reactions.   Really the best thing you can do is make sure the person tattooing you buys premixed ink from a reputable place. 

Research on the subject comes back as mixed to whether ink truly can be made organic.  I know that many companies print documents and brochures on their recycled paper with soy ink but in tattoo ink.  Not 100% sure.  Again know your artist! Ask ask ask if you are not sure.

People I have talked to have found the only issues with ink have been with allergies to the dye.  Not any toxicity at all.  Really if there was a problem there would be some people who have head to toe tattoos falling dead right now.  I mean really????

I must say that I love tattoos.


Anonymous said...

this is most certainly wrong, the metal salts used for most colors are often chemical compounds that contain posions such as cyanide, cobalt, lead, and more. Youd actually be much better off mixing and sterilizing your own plant-based inks like traditional tattoos. i am currently researching as well and i suggest you dig a little deeper before coming to conclusions like these.

Deanne said...

thanks for the comment, the reason for the post is because I am doing research and looking into all things I am putting into my body including tattoo ink. I am not a tattoo artist so I have not reason to mix my own ink and many people try to talk me out of getting tattoos because of a lot of traditional ink is toxic. it was just food for thought. if you have any links to tattoo ink that is not toxic feel free to leave me a comment instead of just leaving a critical comment that does no one any favors.

Deanne said...

Oh I forgot to mention, if you read closely I stated that mixing your own ink "can be toxic if you do not know what you are doing". I also said I would prefer vegan plant based ink. Thanks for the comment. Have a great day.

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