Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monsanto a monopoly on our food!

Okay hold on to your seat folks, be prepared for a bumpy ride!

Is is safe?  What is Monsanto doing to our food?  They believe their purpose is to the farmers to help them meet the needs of a growing population.  At what cost?  Should companies, scientists mess with the DNA of our food?  All of this tampering with nature, whether it is crops or animals, are causing super resistant bacteria, super resistant pests that need even more toxic chemicals to kill, and killing off bees.  Bees the very thing that makes our food grow, without bees plants, trees and bushes would not pollinate.  No pollination, no food!

Monsanto would have you believe and would have farmers believe they are on a mission to help.  Don't believe the false advertising.  Monsanto many times over sues farms that don't get on board with their products causing the farms to end up bankrupt from legal fees.  The Monsanto just buys up the bankrupt land.  

We as consumers need a choice.  Just as we see in corporations who are not allowed to be a monopoly in their field, i.e. technology, Monsanto should not be allowed to rule the agriculture field and should be fined for suing farmers for not buying or changing their farms over to Monsanto. 

 We need to be able to choose organic, all natural, non-tampered food vs GMO (genetically modified organism).  We need to know that the food we are buying is either GMO or not GMO it must be labeled.  Farmers who don't want to buy or participate with Monsanto should have that right as much as we have that right to safe healthy food.

Monsanto systematically has bought up seed companies added their genetic modification on them then applied for patents.  This gives them the ability to walk on to any farm test the crops for Monsanto's patent crop and if any show the patent crop.  Monsanto's sues the farmer for patent infringement.  There is no regard for the fact that wind and bees may have cross pollinated some of the farmers crop.  This is incredible that our government has patented "life" which gives Monsanto ownership of the crop and all proceeds.  They have created a monopoly that the American people are unaware is going on and being allowed.  It is causing small farmers to go out of business or be forced to buy Monsanto's Genetically Modified Organism. 

I do not what a food that has been genetically modified with the chemical makeup of pesticides.  Pesticides have long been linked to multiple diseases, cancers, add/adhd, etc.  Why would I want that in my food?  Not to mention it is causing pests and weeds to become resistant to the chemical inside the plant.  Nature adapts to its surroundings so it is finding a way to fight against the GMO crop only causing Monsanto to create more potent pesticides and use more pesticides.

Know what you are eating!  Stand up for what you are eating!


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