Thursday, March 3, 2011 love and hate of technology!

The newest iPad!  Cool, love new technology and all the bells and whistles.  Where is the corporate social responsibility?  What are they doing with the 13 million old versions of iPads bought that people with dump?

Apple, Motorola, Verizon, HP, Dell etc etc etc must become more responsible with their technology.  It is unacceptable to continually come out with the newest and greatest thing with no plan for the previous model.  Electronics are the most toxic items next to nuclear waste to end up in our land fills.  Companies continually make more and more products which is great because they are continually improving upon older versions but they are not offering buy back or recycled options for their old versions (old what an oxymoron call an item that is a year or less on the market old)! 


They should give discounts to customers who bring in their current electronic item i.e. a phone, computer, iPad, iPod whatever it is.  If the item can not be donated to a school or non-profit organization then the company should be responsible for recycling the item to keep it out of the land fill!  We are such a throw away society! Cars, plastic, more fast food items and trash, Starbucks cups litter the roads and we Americans can not pay for our mortgage that we signed on the dotted line for but we have the best flat screen t.v., the newest Apple gadget!  Come On! 

Again I love gadgets, but I love to recycle, or donate my old ones to keep it from becoming a toxic waste dump leeching into my drinking water!


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