Friday, February 18, 2011

Wait, don't throw it out!

Have you decided to go green with your shampoo?  Planning to just throw the old crappy one away?  Well wait one minute my new greenie friend here are some unexpected things to do with that sudsy stuff!

  1. Do you have a stuck zipper?  Well grab a dab of shampoo put on zipper glide away!
  2. In a pinch to clean those dress shoes, no buff wax?  Grab that shampoo & buff away with cloth.
  3. Is there some hand washing items in your laundry? Use a few drops
  4. Spots & Stains on laundry before you throw them in washer, use a few drops on the stain then rub.
  5. Afraid of ripping off a band aid? Add a drop or two, soak a moment then pull off with ease.
  6. Grimy, greasy hands well harsh soaps can irritate so a few drops of shampoo works great!
  7. Time to clean those combs & hair brushes, get some hot water, drop in shampoo & soak!
  8. OCD with the chrome in your home, you guessed it, a few drops of shampoo & rub...SPARKLE.
  9. Spots on carpet, no prob! Put some of this magical shampoo on it soak then rub away!
  10. Got kids who love to blow bubbles?  Well add some of the shampoo to water & have fun!

With all these uses, I am left wondering why did I ever want that non organic "green" sudsy stuff on my hair anyway?!

D Peace

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