Friday, February 4, 2011

Sugar.....gimme sugar....more sugar

I must admit my weakness......I am a total addict of sugar and sugary things for sure.  BUT, gimme the good stuff the real stuff not that crazy stuff I can't even pronounce (kidding I can pronounce I just refuse to).

High Fructose Corn Sugar (HFCS) oh yes the dreaded HFCS conversation.  You may have seen the commercial that states all sugars are the same and it is the moderation that makes a difference.  Well that is only partly true, sugars may have the same calorie intake but they act quite different when they get inside.

HFCS tricks your body into thinking you are still hungry so you keep eating or drinking whatever you have in front of you.  See more on this at these sites Princeton, Women to Women, and Diabetes Health.  The reason HFCS has been used since the 1970's (this length of use has given years of studies on HFCS by scientists) is because it is extremely cheap.  Many other countries have long since banned it from use.

HFCS has not only been linked to weight gain but diabetes, cancer, and ADD/ADHD.  Check your labels they will try to hide it as corn syrup.  Unfortunately you will find this in everything from breads to ketchup and of course sodas.  Me personally, I go for anything that has no added sugar or only natural sugars.  Our bodies recognize the difference, what an amazing machine!

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