Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plastic Bags......run!!!! They are everywhere!

Even though I converted to reusable grocery bags long ago.  I seem to still have a collection; honestly if I find them on the street or at friends and family's homes I take them.  So weird I know!  What can I say I am a bit of a freak.  Anyway, here are some suggestions on what to do with them.

Plastic grocery bags Type 2 (high-density polyethylene film - HDPE) and Type 4 (low density or linear-low density polyethylene film - LDPE/LLDPE) can be recycled at your local supermarket and other locations. Once the bags are recycled, they are made into lumber, trashcan liners or plastic bags.  The link above has even more information on where to take the bags.

I made a valance for a friend above her windows and sliding glass door.  Instead of buying expensive stuffing, I used the plastic bags.  No one knows they are in there, you aren't touching them so they don't make that plastic bag sound and they don't loose their fullness.  Saved tons of $$$$!

My son's school did a contest on who can bring in the most plastic bags.  They partnered with a local grocery store to recycle them and that grocery store donated money to the school plus the winner from the school got a $500 gift card for groceries.

Get creative, get your kids and schools involved lots of great ideas just floating out there!
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