Friday, January 7, 2011

Time to think about your lawn and garden!

I know, I know some of us are still under snow or water! However it is time to think of getting ready getting that lawn and garden ready for planting and growing.

I recently moved into my home and am preparing my backyard for a garden plus some landscaping. Being the "greenie" I am, I don't want to keep grass but my dog and son would be sad to loose the grass to play on. Grass uses far to much water, I have used Strawberry Clover in my previous house I was renting because it does not need much water and is far hardier than grass. I will uploading some pictures in the near future of some before pictures of my yard. This clover can be left alone and grow the flower or can be mowed like grass if you want the "grassy" look.  It can be used as ground cover in flower beds or pathways too to prevent water loss, weeds and erosion control it really is your choice where you want to save H2O.

Strawberry Clover

I can't wait to show you the before and after.  I am preparing my yard now since I allowed the grass to die making it easier for the clover to be planted.

2171172982_ORIG.jpeg My yard currently!  Can't wait to thatch and seed!

Here are some steps:
     1) if you have grass rake with a metal rake or thatch it to thin it out for the seeds
     2) water then you can leave as is or put organic compost on top to protect it from birds eating the seeds
     3) water as directed

Simple as that!

D :)

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