Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to think about your lawn and garden! Part 2

In addition to my first post regarding my yard.  I am by nature pretty lazy!  If I can buy something online rather than having to go to a store I will.  I have a couple of websites I normally buy organic products.  In addition to the seeds for my lawn I recently ordered, I have purchased compost for a nutritional layer for the seeds.  I do not have enough homemade compost to cover my entire yard.  Hopefully some of you do have home made compost!  If not here are some websites I frequent.

Sun-Mar Compost

VermiBlend - Premimum Soil Amendment

Compost Maker 4-4-2 (4 lb box)

See the first post regarding the steps involved.  This will be a protective, nutritional layer followed by a garden netting to prevent birds from eating the seeds and from pets and kids from walking on it. 

Pictures to follow shortly.

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