Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sustainable Saturday!!!

So you wake up, what is there to do?

Start with your organic fair trade coffee
next are your cage free eggs
reading the newspaper on your iPad.

Now you are off for a morning walk so
you change into those 100% cotton non-synthetic jog wear
eco-friendly shoes or barefoot if you so desire.
Don't forget to take the dog too but bring those biodegradable doggie bags.

Finally you make it back home for a much needed shower.
You jump in with your Method bath and shower washes,
organic hemp scrubber all the while you are timing yourself for a short,
water saving length.

Now what you are dressed and ready for the day!  But what do we do?
Electricity sucking TV, heck no!
Get the old fashion pen and paper out write some friends!
Go to a museum or if you have kids take them to the park or have
other parents over for a social time.
Play with your kids, let them decide the game!
No kids, not married well read a great book, go to the library,
join a events and adventure group for singles, take a nap!

All in all, we are just saying have some alternative fun!
We are so plugged in that it is fun sometimes just to shut things off
and try something new, sustainable and simple.


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