Sunday, January 2, 2011

Organic mornings

Sometimes its hard to function without that morning cup of coffee.  One step to a greener future is changing something small, such as your morning routine.  There are tons, and I mean tons of options when it comes to brewing organic coffee.  Not to mention, stores from Amazon to world market have it on their shelves.  For as little as $8, it is worth the switch.

On my last family visit, my spectac sister and her husband put cinnamon in with the coffee to brew, and I must say, it was scrumptious!!!!  Also, either a reusable filter or organic/biodegradeable filters are best (plus great for your compost).  All at great prices I must add!

How cute is the "coffee sock"?

Let's not forget, if you like to have coffee to go....look for BPA free or something made from recycled material like these:

There are so many options, its hard to choose!  Just remember going green is easy, one step at a time!


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