Friday, January 21, 2011

Organic Dog food......spoiled, I know.

From what we have uncovered, PETSMART is really making an effort to provide natural food for all our furry friends.  The carry multiple brands of food for each, such as Blue, nature's best, Castor & Pollux, Wellness, Nutro Natural Choice and Max, ProPlan Selects, By Nature, Avoderm, and Ultra Holistic Superfood
Straight from the horses mouth: 

Why natural dog food?

  • The answer to food sensitivities
    "Natural pet food may help solve some skin and digestion issues caused by food sensitivities," says Mark Finke Director of Merchandising Technical Services at PetSmart and Pet Care Expert. "It's free of the things your dog may be sensitive to: artificial colors and flavor enhancers, chemical preservatives and pesticides. Plus, the quality protein and grain sources help support your dog's immune system."
  • Increased energy and weight management
    Natural dog food is extremely nutritious so many Pet Parents find that their dogs actually eat less of it. Also, because natural dog food doesn't contain fillers or by-products, your dog is eating only the ingredients it really needs to maintain a healthy weight and energy level.
  • Easier digestion
    "Unique meat sources such as venison, duck and salmon are highly digestible," says Finke. "The absence of low quality ingredients also means natural dog foods are more digestible."

What if my pet has a sensitive stomach?

Switching to natural foods can be a positive choice for you, your pet and the earth, but make the change gradually. Feed your pet a combination of the new and old food for seven days to let your pet get used to the new taste and smell. Increase the proportion of new food each day. And keep an eye on your dog or cat. Pets with sensitive stomachs may experience intestinal upsets during diet changes.

How do natural foods benefit the earth?

Natural foods don't just affect your pet—they impact the environment on a much larger scale and can aid in the conservation of soil and water. Pesticides and fertilizers also take their toll on the earth and switching to a natural or organic food could benefit not only your pet, but also the future.

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