Monday, December 27, 2010

Set that Christmas table!

Presents are bought and wrapped (hopefully) now it is time to set the Christmas Dinner table.
Napkins: This year attempt to switch to cloth vs. paper.  Stay away from synthetic fiber they catch on fire faster than all natural fibers and carry multiple toxins.
Candles: soy based is best with a natural wick other release carcinogens in the air (do not leave unattended).
Plates: if you plan to use disposable to save on clean up time; look for the biodegradable type.  They are far more sturdier than they use to be and can be used in your composter.  Styrofoam plates and cups leech Toluene into your food and drinks; this toxin also leeches out when left in our drinking water when dumped into landfills.
Wine: save the corks for those crafty friends of yours and recycle the bottle.
Compost: hopefully you are ahead of the game and already have your own compost, awesome!  Just a reminder meat and grease can not go into the compost; instead use the meat and leftovers for a stew.
Food storage: Don’t play we all know how great the inexpensive plastic is to buy and use but they contain BPA (bisphenol a).  If plastic is your favorite find BPA free or look for glass or ceramic containers.
Most of all have fun and enjoy your guests!
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